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If you fail to plan, plan to fail. - Benjamin Franklin

Advertising fails for so many reasons. 

And, that failure FRUSTRATES and DISCOURAGES you, the small business owner! 

What will the source of frustration be for you? Will it be the wasted hours spent crafting a "catchy" tagline that causes customers to yawn? Or perhaps, the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on yellow page ads which attracted more telemarketers than buyers? Or letting your blood boil when you discovered a cherished promotional item you gave to a valued customer in the trash bin? Maybe just looking at the hopeless rate of  return from your investment in advertising will beat you down.

Promotional Express changes all that.  
We recognize that advertising is only a subset of marketing. Marketing is a skill that makes advertising work. Think of advertising as a bullhorn, a way to amplify your message. Then, think of marketing as the message; what you say using the bullhorn to move your audience to action. That's where things get dicey.
Because...Each year large companies, organizations, and corporations spends millions to advertise. A small business doesn't have the luxury of an in-house marketing department. Nor, does it have the budget. So getting marketing right, the first time, can make or break you.
Marketing mistakes affect a small business more profoundly than a larger corporation. Unless your marketing makes a real connection with a potential buyer, advertising will fail.
Buried in every company are hidden marketing assets. Every business has them. Very few use them effectively. These hidden assets help you determine the message and target the audience, Until you have a firm grasp on the information these assets provide, your marketing efforts will sputter.
Promotional Express works with you to take the guesswork out of marketing. We can help you turn your advertising budget from an expense into an investment with great returns.

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